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How Retail is Adapting to Customer Demands Through Smart Building

In a world where everyone is reacting to the pandemic, retailers are looking for strategies to stay afloat and retain their market share.

One strategy that is becoming increasingly popular among these companies involves adapting an operating model with a “flexible” mindset when it comes to building technology.

The result?

A more profitable business! Some retailers have struggled with the shift to digital and mobile, but those who can manage their properties with resiliency are best poised for success.

Labor Shortage: What is Really Behind It?

👷🏽‍♀️👷🏻‍♂️👷🏿We are all sick and tired of the construction labor shortage. As someone who cares about the construction industry and worked at progressive tech companies, Di-Ann Eisnor is thinking outside the box. She is doing something about it by using technology that helps tradespeople get on job sites through a hiring platform – just for construction! Join us as we talk about this and more.

What Negotiator Personality Type are You?


We spoke with Hostage Negotiator, Derek Gaunt, in December and had an overwhelming response! We spoke about how every Collaborative Conversation happens with Negotiation and the nuances.


We talked about how to use mirroring, labeling and accusation audits and has SOOO much more to discuss. This time around, we will be discussing the Negotiator Personality Types and how to navigate conversations based on your personality.

PropTech: The Data Dilemma


As hybrid workplaces and environments are starting to emerge, a desire for immersive experiences and health safety protocols is arising. Data is the key but how do we do it? Lindsay Nuon, Anthony Day, and Paul Doherty join Brittanie Campbell-Turner in a conversation and open discussion about this topic for Collaboration NOW.

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