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Posts by Brittanie Campbell-Turner

Why Flex Work is the Next Normal

Wendy Spreenberg, International Flexible Workplace Strategist has 20 years of experience advising building owners about workplaces. She discusses what’s next in flex work environments, how the workplace landscape has changed due to changing trends and impacts to workplace due to the pandemic and social change.

Decision Making in an Uncertain World: Strategic Tips from a Hostage Negotiator

NOW more than ever, organizations need to be agile to emerging events. And it is hard! Leaders want to have integrity, purpose and care around their decisions BUT With the amount of uncertainty in this world right now, there is a feeling of responsibility, overwhelm, & pressure to make good decisions. Many of these decisions are made in large groups where there needs to be collaboration. AND No Collaborative Conversation happens without Negotiation. That’s why Constructrr’s Collaboration NOW show is bringing on Former Hostage Negotiator, Derek Gaunt. He is the Negotiations Trainer & Coach of the Black Swan Group & the Author of Ego, Authority & Failure. He will talk with us about Negotiating the Workplace and Strategic Tips around Decision Making.

The Power of Gratefulness

While we continue to be distant, NOW more than ever we need to build communities of collaborative mindsets. One of the ways we can do that is by taking time to simply be grateful. During the Thanksgiving season, we have so much to be grateful for if we take the time to just be and review. Join Constructrr and some amazing guests who will talk about how they facilitate environments of mindfulness, thankfulness, & gratitude. We will explore how this affects behavior, productivity, and overall well-being in our discussion.

How to Create Empathy In a Distant Society

In these polarizing times, we need more collaboration than we ever did. We still need to work, and live in our societies, support our respective communities no matter our neighbor or colleagues’ beliefs. One of the ways we can do this is by engaging in discussions to elevate empathy. Conversations with people who consult performance and innovation to speak about intercultural development and how this can increase collaboration, and ultimately productivity for organizations.