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AEC Hackathon – Removing Organizational Bias to Solve the Monday Problem

Damon Hernandez, founder and Executive Director of the AEC Hackathon speaks about tearing down the walls disguised as generational, gender, and ethnic biases, and coming together to elevate the industry by addressing frustrations, utilizing shared platforms, and developing software hacks.   This can all be done by combining industry professionals, software developers, and government agencies over a…

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Blockchain with IoT Creates Verifiable and Immutable Record Tracking for Materials

Jordan Williams is the CTO and Co-Founder of Intelliwave Technologies  a IoT and Blockchain based software solutions company focused on providing construction projects with automation and visibility in 3 core areas: materials, equipment and workforce .  In this show we primarily focus on private blockchain platform called SiteSense® . This is episode 3 in our blockchain in construction series. Contacts: Intelliwave Technlogies  Twitter @intelliwavetech…

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