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How to Reduce Risk by Leveraging an Engineering Cooperative

Thomas Wendling is an advisor to the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium, (IEBC) a professional systems engineer at Jacobs Engineering, and a co-founder of, a blockchain engineering platform cooperative.

I spoke with Dan Robles from the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium, (IEBC) in episode 66 at EP 66, who birthed the idea of an engineering resume that promotes training to fill the skill gap and reduces the risk on engineering design. I’ve met Thomas because he is an advisor to the IEBC and we are working together contributing to, a blockchain engineering platform cooperative.  We talk about this economic value model that can help to reduce risk by understanding the intrinsic value of a person who has a skill regardless of background.

Before we cover CoEng, I discuss with Thomas about what has been doing in his career with Jacobs. We talk about the current state of infrastructure – the notion of obsolescence of physical or capital property or assets, and what happens when a property exist for longer than its intended life with less maintenance than ideal.

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