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Lean Construction Institute Congress Recap: Part 2

Derek Browning, Andrea Sponsel, Bernita Beikmann, Dan Fauchier, Greg Zinberg (Left to Right)

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • 19th Annual Lean Construction Institute Congress Goals and Achievements
  • Patrick Lencioni’s Keynote Speech Take-Aways
  • How to Implement Lean in Organizations and Life
  • Lean Tools
  • Lean Behavior
  • Integrated Project Delivery, and Lean Supply Chain – how to avoid the schedule pitfalls. Benefits of Lean.
  • Future of Construction / Lean Implementation
  • How to get a Lean Mindset


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Show notes:

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About the author, Brittanie

Construction Management professional and enthusiast. I'm always researching ways to positively impact the construction industry by implementing best practices and innovative ideas, and implementing collaborative approaches.