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Minimizing Risk? Or Am I Getting in My Own Way? – w/ Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

This episode features Dr. Dean Kashiwagi who is Director at Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG). Previously, he was a Professor at ASU, in the Del E. Webb school of Construction.

Let me tell you, I felt like I was being taught all over again as he clearly and concisely breaks down concepts, uses logic to describe human interaction, and makes plain what is complex. Dr. Kashiwagi is someone you may not agree with at first listen, but you’ve listened to my episodes thus far, if you haven’t, you know that all I want to do is give you practical knowledge on how to lower risk on your projects. He talks about how in an unconventional way – which is very much in line with top performance, lean, efficiency, respect, trust, and last but not least, transparency.

How to find Dr. Dean T Kashiwagi, PhD, P.E., IFMA Fellow, Fulbright Scholar:

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