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How to Develop a ‘Real’ Sustainability Program that Aligns with your Organization – w/ Barbra Batshalom from the Sustainable Performance Institute

Barbra Batshalom is the Founder & CEO of the Sustainable Performance Institute. She is a social entrepreneur, educator and change agent. She works with a variety of governmental, institutional and private sector organizations to help them institutionalize sustainability and achieve portfolio-wide measurable improvements in performance and profitability. With a diverse background of fine arts, social psychology and…

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Celebration of Women’s History Month

International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month, and the Women’s March historical event 2017. Hear my perspective on how we can celebrate and respect and value women more in a male dominated industry. The history of International Women’s Day Article About the Chicago Woman’s March Organizer More about the Global Women’s March Construction Demographics USA Find…

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Going BOLD – Open Source in the Built Environment with Marcin Jakubowski

Marcin Jakubowski, Open Source Construction Developer Show Notes – Passion behind collaboration – open source vs. traditional collaboration in construction. Kickstarter Campaign: Open Building Institute: Eco Building Toolkit Library Downloadable Designs Emersion Training Program for Builders Open Source Solar Powered Production Facility The Pilot program will be doubled every year. Software Platform – Developers…

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