Going BOLD – Open Source in the Built Environment with Marcin Jakubowski

Marcin Jakubowski, Open Source Construction Developer

Show Notes – www.constructrr.com/09

Passion behind collaboration – open source vs. traditional collaboration in construction.

Kickstarter Campaign: Open Building Institute: Eco Building Toolkit

  • Library Downloadable Designs
  • Emersion Training Program for Builders
  • Open Source Solar Powered Production Facility

The Pilot program will be doubled every year.

Software Platform – Developers are needed to contribute to the open source model.

Growth Plan –100,000 facilities like this world wide!

Who is the ideal person that should get involved?

Progressive people with Open Source mindset, eco conscience, distributive entrepreneur.

Stats figures – How is building built?

  • Under $25K in materials
  • 250 SF core model
  • Starts with 15K – 3000 W of PV power
  • Each Additional 250 SF – power can be expanded.
  • Under 50 cent /W with Sunelec.com
  • Building Integrated PV modules

Episode is at constructrr.com/09

Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/622508883/open-building-institute-eco-building-toolkit

Open Building Institute website: openbuildinginstitute.org

Lean Construction Institute 18th Annual Congress: lcicongress.org

Lean Construction Institute: Leanconstruction.org

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Construction Management professional and enthusiast. I'm always researching ways to positively impact the construction industry by implementing best practices and innovative ideas, and implementing collaborative approaches.

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  1. marcin on 08/03/2016 at 1:14 AM

    Great podcast regarding various issues of efficiency, lean, and pull in the field of building, addressing how open source can provide additional efficiencies in building.

    Our Kickstarter campaign went great – we’re 130% funded and 1 more day to go – http://kck.st/293ISTN

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