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Jon Gordon, Building Trusting Relationships through Positive Leadership


Jon Gordon, the author of quite a few best sellers – including The Energy Bus You, Win in the Locker Room First, The No Complaining Rule,  and the most recent book that was released last year, The Power of Positive Leadership – speaks with us about positive leadership.  Jon, not only is a great author and a sought-after keynote…

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AEC Hackathon – Removing Organizational Bias to Solve the Monday Problem


Damon Hernandez, founder and Executive Director of the AEC Hackathon speaks about tearing down the walls disguised as generational, gender, and ethnic biases, and coming together to elevate the industry by addressing frustrations, utilizing shared platforms, and developing software hacks.    This can all be done by combining industry professionals, software developers, and government agencies over…

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Smart Cities Taking Advantage of the $1.6 trillion Opportunity

Smart-Cities-taking-advantage-of-the-1.6 trillion dollar opportunity-1

Michael Lake, President & CEO of Leading Cities and I cover some of the major challenges we face in cities.  Smart Cities is a rapidly growing as a market as shown in these reports: “Smart Cities Market Will Grow $3.5 Trillion Worldwide”  and 21st Century Cities: Global Smart Cities Primer. We discuss the solutions to the problems in the form…

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Principles For Deploying City as a Platform


Today, we are speaking with Carl Piva, Managing Director at for the Smart Cities Initiative. and he’s developed the City as a Platform Manifesto. We discuss the ten common principles for driving smart city success. He says that with these business model principles, cities can become regional or global knowledge hubs and innovation centers.…

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Intelligent Buildings: The Future of a Less Stressful & More Collaborative Urban Society


Kevin Flanagan, a partner at PLP Architecture speaks with us about the Oakwood Timber Tower feasibility study he did that demonstrates the viability of building a timber tower high rise constructed with cross-laminated timber (CLT) in downtown London. We cover some of the drivers of design innovation, including sustainability, millennial recruitment and retention, and service focus.  Where to…

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