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Cyber Security in the Built Environment as we Move into the Next Industrial Revolution


Harvey Johnson with PBMares’ cyber and control risk service leader or Partner in charge. As technology is becoming more integrated with our personal and work lives we are now more able to talk with our buildings and other systems.   The emergence of predictive analytics, mobile technology, and wearables to systems using the Internet of things,…

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My Journey of High Performance and Personal Reflections of Constructrr Podcast


My thoughts and lessons learned about podcasting about the built environment. I’m breaking down into two categories. I’ve learned loads from my podcast guests and from conversations I’ve had with listeners on LinkedIn or via email, or after hopping on a call.  I’ve learned so much from my industry practitioners that are industry related, but I also…

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Bringing Clarity to Pre-Design and Accelerating the Test Fit Decision Making Process


Todd Burns is the President of Project and Development Services and General Contracting Units at JLL in the Americas. He is the chair of the global practice board with responsibility for the Americas representing and ensuring that the organization provides similar processes and results globally. He is responsible for driving the strategy and growth of the…

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How to Use Real Estate as a Brand and Bring Transparency to the Workplace


Vik Bangia is the Founder and CEO of Verum Consulting, LLC, a Corporate Real Estate strategy and operations consulting firm. Where Verum is Latin for Truth. Vik also serves on the Global Board of Directors for CoreNet Global, and the board of Rebuilding Together Twin Cities, a non-profit that provides critical home repairs for homeowners in…

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Microgrid: Creating Resiliency for Cities and Establishing a New Energy Marketplace


Maggie Clout, Business Development Manager at Siemens. She is the lead business developer for 17 project wins of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) NYPrize Community Microgrid Program. We discuss a pilot project where Siemens worked with a company, LO3, to transact, buy and sell solar energy between neighbors on a blockchain. From a…

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