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Presentation: Using Blockchain to Unlock the Value of Platforms


In this talk, I discussed the changing age we are in. One that is meant to take advantage of the network platform economic model that is affording companies to grow in valuations beyond any financial analysts expectation. One where our interactions can create a knowledge asset platform for us to better resource our projects with…

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The Value Beyond Cost Savings for Corporate Real Estate


Scott Muldavin, CRE, President of the Muldavin company. We discuss the Intersection of financial modeling for your deep retrofit and healthy real estate investment. Companies are Under-investing in energy efficiency and sustainability, hurting their profits and competitive position. Healthy building investments create financial benefits, such benefits can be calculated and presented as part of a…

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Experience Per Square Foot Measuring the Employee Experience


Bryan Berthold, Managing Director of Workplace Strategy and Change Management at Cushman and Wakefield, Experience per SF. We talk about Holistic approaches to workplace strategy, measuring experience per square foot and some examples of clients he’s worked with, how they’ve driven the decisions they make based on Experience / SF and made some monumental changes…

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The Healthy Work Place Nudge


Rex Miller, Author of The Healthy Workplace Nudge, speaker and consultant, Principal and Thought Leader at Go mindSHIFT. Rex and I talk about his newest book The Healthy Workplace Nudge, and the fundamentally different questions we as organizations have to ask in order to shift our wellness culture – Because wellness programs don’t work and they…

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Voice of Blockchain 2018 Recap: Part 3


The last Recap of Voice of Blockchain 2018 featuring Sharon Burns COO of the Chicago Blockchain Project shares her debut project and shares how using a blockchain platform to enable better tracking for the philanthropic funding process.   I also speak with Lindsay shares her thoughts on diversity and inclusion as from panel she shared…

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