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How Illinois Is Supporting the Blockchain Initiative


Lexy Prodromos and Jennifer O’Rouarke were my guests on today’s show where they share with me how Illinois is supporting the Blockchain Initiative. We discuss how the Chicago Blockchain Center came about and how Lexy proposed for Illinois to embark on an initiative. Sign up for the Distributed Markets Event, here. Follow what Illinois is doing and…

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Scalable Blockchain Database for Decentralized Construction Apps


Brian is the Co-CEO and Co-Chairman of FlureeDB, a new decentralized app platform that will transform how business applications are built. Fluree DB is the first true blockchain database. Fluree DB supports a multiple of blockchain consensus according to chosen transaction characteristics. Its query allows joins across multiple databases, so multiple consensus Databases can be queried as a…

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Increase Success for Capital Projects with Advance Work Packaging


Olfa Hamdi, founder and Executive Director of the Advanced Work Packaging Institute, and CEO at Concord Project Technologies. She “argues that owners and EPC contractors need to pay more attention to the PEP, and transform it into a live document that functions as the single source of truth on a project, from beginning to end.…

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Developing a Viable Blockchain Implementation Plan for Real Estate


Kevin Shtofman is a digital technology evangelist at Deloitte Consulting. He promotes Blockchain, Robotics, Cognitive Automation, and Machine Learning in Real Estate.  Kevin talks about how in real estate transactions, where transferring funds from party to party could take days or weeks, can take minutes on a blockchain. He also discusses many of the pilot…

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National Association of Realtors is Contributing to the Blockchain Revolution


Dave Conroy research & development Lab Engineer at National Association of Realtors. He frequently educates about how Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, Prototyping, Software Design, Management, and Networking can integrate with Real Estate. He believes that Real Estate / Finance & Supply Chain are the most viable markets for a blockchain and If you are…

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