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The Business Case For BIM: Visualizing Real Estate Assets for Building Owners and Operators

Ian McGaw at VP of Technology and Innovation at ENGworks is an experienced advisor and technologist for Process Management and Technology Integration. I met Ian at a Builtworlds Buildings 2.0 – he was on stage doing Q&A after his presentation. He is deeply versed in BIM and quite a few frameworks to build a success VDC…

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7 Cutting Edge Tech Tools that are Disrupting Design – with Bill Debevc

AEC Software Specialist and Podcaster, Bill Debevc. He is the Host of these podcasts: Revit OpEd the Shared Coordinates Network At LPA where Bill works, everyone is a designer – including the IT group where he works. We talk about the difference between BIM Managers at the executive level, middle management, and project…

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