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Using Data as An Asset: The Future for Building Owners and Operators

Jordan and I discuss why IOT does not deliver on its promise to provide overwhelming productivity we expected, the future of IOT and an IOT device they’ve created, We discuss Data as an asset, the notion of applying science to culture and how Enstoa has rolled this out in their own company via organizing using…

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Developing a Viable Blockchain Implementation Plan for Real Estate

Kevin Shtofman is a digital technology evangelist at Deloitte Consulting. He promotes Blockchain, Robotics, Cognitive Automation, and Machine Learning in Real Estate.  Kevin talks about how in real estate transactions, where transferring funds from party to party could take days or weeks, can take minutes on a blockchain. He also discusses many of the pilot…

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Blockchain and Legal Dispute Avoidance in Construction

Jeremy Barnett

Jeremy Barnett is one of founders and a director of the Construction Blockchain Consortium, and a practicing lawyer. He became interested in blockchain because of his research and work with algorithmic dispute avoidance and how that can improve the process of historical evidence and record review. What’s also interesting is that he talks about how…

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Blockchain with an Integrated Project Model Reduces Risk and Increases Transparency

Blockchain in Construction: Part 2 Dave Hughes is a construction professional who is interested in unlocking the productivity issues in the AEC  industry and sees blockchain as a major piece of the puzzle in doing that. He is interesting  in finding new ways to leverage technology within the industry. We talk about the utilizing blockchain…

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Top Trends in CRE that Impact the Future- w/ Michael Bull

Michael is the President and CEO of Bull Realty, based out of Atlanta. He also happens to be the host of two shows, the long standing, widely known and reputable America Commercial Real Estate Show, and Atlanta Commercial Real Estate show. On this episode, I talk with Michael about the emerging trends as it relates…

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