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Enabling More Liquidity for REITs

This week we are speaking with Simon Enwia, Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Building Block REIT, a blockchain backed Real Estate Investment Trust. Building Block, Inc, formed in 2018 by a group of real estate and blockchain technology professionals and is the first REIT in the USA to combine tax advantages of investing in a REIT with Blockchain technology.  

Simon is a local to Chicago and was able to participate in an event the Chicago Blockchain Center hosted where Constructrr was a sponsor. It was awesome to have him participate on a panel for “Crypto Finance, Real Estate / Brokerage Perspective”. In this episode, Simon Enwia and I cover what a REIT is, the structure of a REIT and why it is a great way to invest in real estate. 

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Building Block REIT:

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