Lean Construction

Death to Value Engineering

Part 1 of LCI Congress 2018 Recap Bruce Cousins, Managing Partner at Sword Integrated Building Solutions.  Design is a complex and iterative approach to collecting specifications of building system components and detailing the vision of a structure meant to be constructed. Its a little bit like taking a train. You should know both the destination…

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Team Alignment on Complex Projects

This is a special episode, focused on the Team. I must give a special thank you to my guests where they discussed the importance of leadership and developing safe social constructs in order to create resilient, humble and effective teams. Teams that can create clear goals and reach them. So you’ll be hearing from a collection…

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Presentation: Using Blockchain to Unlock the Value of Platforms

In this talk, I discussed the changing age we are in. One that is meant to take advantage of the network platform economic model that is affording companies to grow in valuations beyond any financial analysts expectation. One where our interactions can create a knowledge asset platform for us to better resource our projects with…

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